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                                               The Finest Space-Age Model Kits in the World.
                                               Quality, detail and realism have made Monogram models famous
                                               throughout the world, And the kits shown here have something extra „ .
                                                scientific inquiry and adventure among the youth of America, The Young
                                               A6tronaut" Program has reached outto thousands of students across the
                                                nation. Educators, business leaders and parents have found the Program
                                               to be a stimulant to the improvement of scientific and mathematical skills
                                                of the young people the world over.

                                           5905 Snap Tite Space Shuttle. 4/200 scale
                                           model of NASA shuttle features snap-together
                                           construction for easy assembly. Cargo bay
                                           doors are hinged to reveal detailed interior.
                                           5900 Space Shuttle with Fuel Tank Cluster. ln
                                           4#2 scale, this detailed model of the NASA
                                           shuttle with its gigantic fuel tank and rocket
                                           boosters, is a massive display. Kit includes
                                           launch-pad display base.

                                                                                5903 Apollo Saturn V Rocket. ln 1/144 scale, this
                                                                                model is over 30" tall and stands on launch-pad
                                                                                display base, AIl stages separate from each
                                                                                other and can be re-assembled,

                                         f )               \-=---
                                                                                5904 NASA Spcice Shuttle. This 1#2 scale
                                                                                model is nearly 20" long and is highly detailed
                                                                                inside and out. Kit includes two figures in space
                                                                                suits, detailed cargo bay and markings for
                                                                                Enterprise, Columbia, Discovery, Challenger
                                                                                and Atlantis.

                                                                                5902 Apollo Command Module. This 4/32
                                                                                scale model shows, in detail, what the Apollo
                                                                                Command and Service Modules looked like,
                                                                                inside and out, Transparent plastic segments
                                                                                show internal structure, instrument and control
                                                                                panels, storage tanks and guidance apparatus.
                                                                                lncludes 3 astronaut figures. Large rear engine
                                                                                nozzle pivots,

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