Page 7 - monogram 1987
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5907 B-52 with x15. The experimental x-15 jet
      aircraft was carried aloft attached underneath
          the right wing of a specially modified 8-52.
          lt was launched when the desired altitude
         was reached. This kit includes both planes in
                                1#2 scale,

       5908 X-15 Experimental Aircrafl. lt set a record
          of over 4500 mph and an altitude record of
            over 350,000 feet. And iYs available from
             Monogram in 1#2 scale model kit form,

           5909 Mercury and Gemini Capsules. Six
            successful missions of the Mercury space
        capsule were early entries into NASA's manned
           earth-orbit program. The Gemini was high-
        lighted by a rendezvous in space with another
              craft, and the first ``space walk". Both in
                                 4/48 scale.

            5940 Mercury Capsule and Atlas Booster. On
                February 20,1962, Lt, Colonel John Glenn
              became the first American astronaut to orbit
                   the earth, journeying three complete
              revolutions. This super detailed 1/110 scale kit
                 includes Glenn's ``Friendship 7" Mercury
               capsule, Atlas booster rocket, launch pad,
                 ramp, tractors and fuel truck. 203/4" long,

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