TMFK Gallery

Some members and their flying creations (some we just remember, and some are still flying !). All these pictures are "clickable", and so can be seen in their full size & glory!
This page covers time up to 1995. If you wish to see the later pictures, go to the Gallery 2 page.

Seaplane This picture is an ad for the Seaplane page !


Ola Andersson´s Fokker Tri-plane. Engine: OS FS48 surpass. Built from Flair kit (UK)

Motor sounds in mp3 : OS48 Surpass 4-cycle (Singings larks first 5 secs.!) WinAmp !


Jonny Gullberg´s EZ P51D Mustang. Wing span:1430 mm (57in.), Weight: 2925 g (6.4lbs.).Motor: In the pictures Enya 40X TV, nowadays a Rossi 40ABC. Gear: Prettner Supra Retract. Good flyer ?: Yes, not too bad! Built: circa -93, Jonny cannot remember exactly(!)

galleri/duelistl.jpg DUELLIST 

Leif Litzberger with Pica Duellist : Two OS 61FSRs (!), Minivox silencers, RHOM Air pneumatic retracts; changed nose and canopy, longer nacelles.

galleri/roos_l.jpg F2B -87 

Lars Roos competition control line plane, stunt F2B. Own design with inspiration from C/L stunter Spectrum. Motor: Super Tigre ST60, home made muffler, propeller RevUp 13x6.

Mannock Bipe   MANNOCK       Mannock Bipe   MANNOCK   

Wing span 150cm, Motor Super Tigre 60 ABC PDP, Diesel head from Davis Diesel (USA), prop 15x6 - 16x6, 4 channels, ailerons for show only, really. Suitable for calm summer evenings: A classical David Boddington creation.
Plan and PlanPack can still be had from D.B. Sport and Scale (UK).     Wheels, pilot and machine gun by Williams Bros.

Nice Diesel sounds in mp3 : Takeoff Flyby...... Get WinAmp here! WinAmp !
Feel free to compare the Diesel with OS 45FSR with silenced tuned pipe....

galleri/supra1l.jpg SUPRA FLY 45

Jonny Gullberg with his Supra Fly -45 . Motor : ROSSI 60 . Hi- Speed aerobatics !t.