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Look, still more pictures of happy pilots and their flying machines ! All are clickable for full-size.

Lars Roos with Pattern Master 2000 Pattern Master 2000

Lars Roos with gorgious C/L airplane: Pattern Master 2000. More photos at the PM2000 page !

Einar Ek with Formation Flyers Formation Flyers

Einar Ek from nearby Malmö with his formation model. Check out Einar's page !

Bosse Gårdstad with Stunt King Stunt King

Bo Gårdstad på with his latest creation: Stunt King aerobatic trainer. More on the Stunt King page !

Robert Ekman with Simba Simba

Robert Ekman. See Robert& Simba electric sailplane on the Simba page !


FOX Manufacturing (1948-2016)

Staffan, your webmaster, visited FOX Manufacturing in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA, in May 2000. FOX ceased model engines production in 2014 and closed down in 2016. FOX brand and remaining stock and tools purchased by MECOA

Ola Olofsson with chopperMySTAR 46

Ola Olofsson does a nice hover for the photographer. TSK "MyStar"46 all metal helicopter, motor Super Tiger 45

Sportsman45SPORTSMAN 45

Henrik Holmgren, age 13, with his Sportsman 45. Motor OS46. Henrik is just about to complete his R/C school, so by the time you read this he probably has got his R/C certificate !

Arne Jönsson 

Arne Jönsson, servicing one of his very well built machines, just recently acquired his R/C certificate. Congratulations !

Knut Stridh: 

Knut Stridh and Laser, scale model of Leo Loudenschlager´s aerobatic competition airplane. 170 cm span(67 inches), OS120 4-stroker, on board glow driver, propeller Master Airscrew 13x8. Fiberglass fuselage, foam wings.


Arne Jönsson, who has done an enormous amount of work on the new club field (together with Knut Stridh), taking a well-earned break. "Boss" is his dog.


Kenneth with his Cox TD .051 powered "Zaunkönig" ultra-small biplane. Simprop (Germany) kit, covered with Oracover, 320 grammes, Simprop "Nano" micro receiver, Hitec HS-80 servos, 30ml tank. Very small, very light, very lively !

4000 spv LIBERTA 400 Liberta 400 LIBERTA 400      

Jonny Gullberg with Liberta 400. Graupner kit.  Wing span: 3550/4000 mm Length o.a. 1450mm Wing section: Selig 3010 Total surface area: 64,6 / 68,9 dm2 Weight: 3125 g R/C functions: ailerons, elevator, rudder, spoilers and high start hook

Skyward40:J.MobergSKYWARD 40

Jacob Moberg, age 16, starting the flight that got him his R/C certificate. Jacob was taken to the TMFK field by his friend Henrik Christoffersson in the autumn of -95. He has been flying since Easter -96, och got his certificate with his own Skyward 40 (motor TT46Pro). Congratulations !

Sukhoi 26:O.AnderssonSUKHOI 26

Ola Andersson with his good-looking Sukhoi 26. David Boddington plan, 1:5 scale, 1525 mm wing span. Motor: Irvine 120 20cc, propeller 16x6. Weight: 4,5kg (hmmm....heavy.)

Lars Jeppson: Cessna 172CESSNA 172 

Lars Jeppsson and his large Cessna 172. Engine: Tartan 44cc Twin Glow. Prop 20x10. Wingspan 220cm, weight 9 kg(!). Pulls 450cm span 4kg sailplane with ease. (1kg = 2.2lbs)

Engine sounds in mp3 :Tartan 44 Twin GlowLaser 150 4-cycleGet WinAmp !

Knut StridWELL FLY

Knut Stridh smiling ,preparing for yet another flight with WellFly. Sports plane is almost completely made from paper, and thus can be recycled !

Cessna 177CESSNA 177

Your webmaster Staffan Ahlström in a brilliant mood ! Styrofoam plane, HobbyShack Cessna 177 Cardinal, specially imported by son Christoffer, when returning from US visit. (Box tooooo big to be sent by post). Four channels, flew just as good on three, ie. w/o ailerons. Motor OS21FSR. Not really a flying challenge, being a beginner´s ship, but kit cost $25, and Staffan had all the other stuff that was needed...

Goldberg EXTRA 300EXTRA 300 

Another Jeppson plane, built by Lars and son Matthias: The Goldberg Extra 300. Powered by Laser 150, excellent English 4-stroke engine. Cessna 172 in background. Flying pictures on the EXTRA 300 page.

Rossi 61 
!P51 MUSTANG P51 cockpit P51 MUSTANG

Another fine plane by Kenneth Forslund : North American P51-D "Mustang". Bought as second-hand rubbish, now beautifully sprayed, with D-Day stripes, ROSSI 60 with tuned pipe, Supra retracts. Span 157 cm (62 inches), weight 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs.). The row of lights behind the pilot is the receiver NiCd voltage warning system !


Ronny Clausen disturbed by the photographer during assembly of his J2. Small and light , motor OS26 4- stroke.


Gathering round the BBQ - give me a thick sausage with everything !


"Hi! We have been out test flying the Spacewalker.. Greetings, Lars and matthias Jeppsson "
Pictures of the air-borne Spacewalker

PILOTS (23k jpg)

OK, so they all turn their back towards each other, but they really all have a lot of fun together!

SeaplaneThis picture is an ad for the Seaplane page !