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Still another gallery of photos of amazing planes and their happy pilots ! All pictures are clickable.

Swedish 2017 C/L F2b Championship       Leaderboard

Staffan Ekström Swedish Champion and  Lars Roos reached fifth place ! Photo: Staffan Ekström
Photos from SM 2017: Anders Hellsén MFK Snobben. Photo: Mona Hellsén

Jonny Gullberg's summer photos became a short video from the flying season of 2015  

Jonny Gullberg´s YAK55M 1/3 scale, slideshow video

AMI sept 2011 TMFK web pages get honourable mention in UK magazine Aviation Modeller International  (3.6meg pdf)

    Marcus Ewald with his Extra 330L

Jonny Gullbergs YAK55M 33% skala, slideshow video

Links: 1) Jonny shows off his YAK55M: aerobatics with smoke ,four minutes,YouTube.     2)  On board video ,GoPro Hero 2. YouTube  

 Lars Roos´ SIG Astro Hog with Saito 62 engine

Visiting "Joe Nall 2009" !

 A Saturday on the airfield (Slide show ab. a 1 minut .wmv)

  Flying lesson, Tx programming etc...

Jonny Gullberg Fuji     Jonny Gullberg with 33% Krill YAK 55M

 Span: 2600mm L: 2450mm AUW: 13,8kg/30.4 lbs.  Motor: DA-120 (120cc - ca 12hp)  Silencer: Krumscheid  Servos: JR DS8921 HV - Torque: 36, at 7,4V  PowerBox Competition  Smoke: PowerBox.  Built by Jonny Gullberg.

Nya skolplanet GRAUPNER WP trainer 65

New R/C school plane:   GRAUPNER WP ARF trainer 65, donated by club member Jonny Gullberg. With a 170cm wing span, it is substantially larger than our previous school planes. Ancient engine (age 30+) Super Tigre ST60 PDP ring, with original ST MAG carb and silencer . 2700g all up weight gives a very decent wing load. Plane does very well on a 12x7 prop.

Nya skolplanet SUPER TIGRE ST60 PDP Ring 

SuperTigre ST60 PDP ABC, with original ST MAG carb and silencer. propeller12x7. Bling-bling tip: Colour coded fuel tubing !

Extra300 S
Great Planes 1/4scale, Wing span: 1880 mm Length: 1753 mm Weight: 6,0kg Engine: O.S. 1.60 twp stroke glow  26,23cc (1.60 cu in)  3,7 hp at 9000 rpm.Pilot:Jonny Gullberg

Nationaldagen Slide show: At the field, a nice day in early June

060606 was an unusually nice day in S Sweden:  Painting, flying helicopters, testing the Club School Plane and new Electrics.. listening to the larks

ARESTI SYD 2005-2006

TMFK hosted R/C Aresti competitons in 2005 and 2006. Great success both years, we could manage the competitions and entertain the crowds in a great way.