TMFK nostalgic gallery

Merry pilots and their flying creations from days gone... All these pictures are "clickable", and so can be seen in their full size & glory!

8mm home movies (=silent movies !)

Web Master Staffan scanned bags of old film, Double-8 and Super-8.  Among them he found  a few from 1979-1984, shot at the TMFK Club Field.

-1983Photos from 1983

A series of photos from the ooold field in Västra Tommarp, R/C and C/L, including C/L competition Windmill Cup 1983.

- Photos from the 1990s

TMFK youth in Free Flight competition, Arne Friberg leader and mentor. Windmill Cup C/L competition 1997


Lennart Friberg with his Oldtimer free flight model on the club field.

SK 78 on floats SK 78

1978: Novice R/C plane SK78, here parked on floats. From Bo Gårdstad plan. Started out with VECO 19 motor, soon changed for ENYA 40. SK 78 was soon followed by " SK78 improved"  SK2000.

Josefin ! Josefin

Josefin, another Bo Gårdstad construction , and this is also a plane from 1978! This one originally built in -78 (or thereabouts) and spent 20 years in an attic.. Finally flown in the summer of 1998, and a very nice flying bipe it is too.. Motor OS21 FSR, propeller 9x4 KAVAN yellow nylon (=bonus nostalgia points !), pilot from Williams Bros. 

Phil & Shauns Single Channel and Vintage R/C Nostalgia Page

Fantastic page about how R/C came about and how to fly using ONE channel. Build a spark transmitter !