The C/L Stunt and Semi-stunt Competition Windmill Cup was first held in 1983. The name Windmill Cup refers to the nearby giant size windmill (Biggest in the world at the time !), which was then only recently erected. The competition was held in early June every year until 2002, with the sad exception of 1986, when too few competitors signed up. (The fact that Lars Roos, local C/L Stunt champion and head man for the arrangements, had just bought his house, did also have an impact on this....)

Ove Andersson, VFK, has won the most times (9!), followed by Erik Björnwall, Ronneby (2) , with Lars Roos, TMFK, Alf Eskilsson and Stefan Lagerqvist, KBA, and Stefan Ekström winning one year each.

CASTROL oil There is only one lubricant that really counts...

Windmill Cup was almost alwyas blessed with flyable weather, except during the 1990 competition , when winds were very strong, even by local standards. (This is windmill country!). All participants still flew their planes, of course, and all the other competitions have been "stunt heaven" weather-wise!

All competitors and staff were treated to a Swedish Smorgasboard in the open at competition half-time, a tradition much appreciated by all. Coffea, sandwiches, ham, fat sausages, cheese...... Aah!

The full-size windmill is no more, having been disassembled after twelve years of service (having been a huge research project ), but the stunt flying tradition was upheld under the same name - there are plenty of other windmills in our neighbourhood !

Lars Roos´ "Pattern Master 96" Pattern master 96

Competition reports: (N.B. Not all of them in English..)

Pictures and report with results from the 1996 to 2002 competitions:  Windmill Cup 1996, Windmill Cup 1997, Windmill Cup 98, Windmill Cup 1999Windmill Cup 2000Windmill Cup 2001  och Windmill Cup 2002 .