Movie Time !

YouTube videos:

Quadcopter flight video over RC Hotel, Corfu: RC Hotel tour

Web master running in his MVVS120 twin. Fascinating sound..: MVVS120
HYPE Coolfire46 Chinese (?) engine..: Coolfire46
Russian Mills engine copy, 0.5cc diesel: 12 second run..
OS 40FP with diesel top from MECOA, nylon prop 10x6: 1500 - 10.000rpm
From MECOA, USA, a rare fourbanger: HP VT21

Staffan Ahlström at the field: David Boddington Mannock Bipe with ST60 Diesel (1994!)


"Modern Marvels-Big & Small", 6min : Randy Linsalato, MECOA
"How it's made", ca. 10min.: RC model Jet factory
"How it's made, ca. 5 min.: Model Jet engines

"How it's made", ca. 5min.: SIG Manufacturing
"How it's made", ca. 5min.: Commercial Drones
"How it's made", ca. 5min.: Biplanes
"How its made", ca. 5min.: Plastic Models
"How its made", ca. 5min.: Stirling Engine
"How its made", ca. 5min.: Metal 3D printing

Stardust: "Music sounds better with you" (1998) (The boy builds the Wanderer, a 72/99in. sailplane from Mark's Models/Dynaflite/GreatPlanes)
Build the Wanderer : Download the plan from Free RC plans !

"Leave it to Beaver" (Season 5 episode 26, 1962). Boys are working on Guillow's SE5A: